3 good things

I was having a bit of a 'blah' week when I read this lovely post over at hop skip jump. So, in the spirit of looking on the bright side of things, I thought I'd share with you three good things about my week.

1. Mail

Look at this loveliness. I felt like I was in need of more colour in my life so I ordered some of Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party and Drawing Room fabrics. I only have plans for one of them right now, but the rest will sit happily on my desk so I can just stare at them.

2. new curtain, new colour

We recently painted our kitchen white and added a white backsplash. And although I really love it, it feels a little stark. So I added a small roman curtain to my window using an Amy Butler fabric I love. It seems like green is my new favorite colour.

3. the rain

It has been pouring around here all week. Thunderstorms, lightning, the whole bit. And I love it. As long as I am indoors, or maybe just standing under the shelter of my front porch. Now, if only my porch had room for some cozy chairs too. Ah, but this post is all about the bright side.

Feel free to join in and share three good things from your week.


a friend to knit with said...

such bright happy things, sandy!!

Norm said...

1. Fabulous food. Eating on expenses has given us the impetus to visit some wonderful restaurants and enjoyed some amazing meals.

2. Fabulous friends. OK, a touch of sadness that we're leaving some of them behind as we move back to the UK, but in the spirit of being cheerful, how lucky we are to have met such lovely people. (And there's always e.mail/phone to keep in touch!)

3. Fabulous country. Canada, I love you :sniff:

Anonymous said...

Those fabrics are beautiful as is your new blog 'home'

Anonymous said...

i love the rain too...as long as i am indoors! love your new fabrics & the blind you made. sounds like you've been busy at home!

Philigry said...

love this post! I like the rain too.

julie said...

A lovely post! Looking on the bright side is my motto, but doesn't always work.
I like the new curtain.

Claudia said...

1. lovely and sunny days (rain = enough is enough!!!)
2. one year wedding anniversary...don't know what we are going to do but it doesn't matter since we are together!
3. a lot of fun at work...
A very good week in front of me. Take care xox