reuniting with my needles

I had a few months this summer where I could not find my knitting groove. No matter how hard I tried, and I did try. I was almost ready to pack away my needles and say my good-bye's. But oh my, how things can change so quickly! With fall approaching at an unbelievable rate, and the countless number of inspiring projects out there, my urge to knit has returned.

A recent visit to my local yarn shop resulted in me ordering a whole bag of Mission Falls yarn for this. Beautiful, isn't it? It took ages to choose one colour. I just hope I can tackle this pattern without any tears and before the long Canadian winter passes.

I also cast on for these using the most luxurious yarn that makes me want to sigh every time I touch it. I was making great progress on them when I realized something went wonky and I had to rip it back. Unfortunately, I can't seem to rip rows out very well, so I just start over. It puts a serious kink in my productivity level and that's where the tears potentially come in, especially at midnight.

But I will not give up. Even if the only knitting projects I seem to complete lately are these dishcloths.

If you knit, what's on your 'to knit' list?


Claudia said...

Knit list? Hum, maybe a beret! Yes, I would love to knit a beret that I could wear when I walk my dog on a cold fall evening!

Philigry said...

oh, i hate when that happens. happy to see you are still at it though!

Overanalyzer: said...

i find knitting in the heat of summer impossible. feels yucky on my sweaty hands.

sheepish one said...

my knit list is too long to mention here...
but cashmerino aran! yum!! i made some mitts and a matching hat last winter using the same yarn, and i LOVED knitting them and LOVE wearing them. enjoy!