new space, clean slate

hello friends, and welcome to my little housewarming party by the lakeside. I've decided a little change was in order. And there is nothing like a move where you don't take much with you, except for yourself.

I have so many ideas and inspirations to follow up on in the coming months. And I felt like a new space was in order. A clean slate, so to speak. So to start things off, I've decided to give away a little handmade something to one of my 'party' guests. Please leave me a comment and I will randomly draw a name and send off a little something in the mail.
okay, time is up and I have drawn a winner!
Philigry (Katie), I will be contacting you for your address soon.
walking, by the lakeside


Aimée said...

What a pretty little corner you have over here! Congrats on your 'move' and looking forward to what it brings.

Claudia said...

Housewarming parties are so fun...what should I bring? Cupcakes, cookies, oh oh oh I can make raspberries pie ;)

Sandy said...

Oh, definitely raspberry pie Claudia.

Philigry said...

love your new soace, i will come here to visit you now!
Thanks for the birthday wish!

Ms O said...

Sandy, I like your new place. Sometimes it's good to start fresh.

Lea x

Helen said...

can't wait see new posts! love the banner!

Norm said...

What a sweet picture of your boys! I love your new place.

Paola said...

What a beautiful name for your new blog, Sandy! It looks beautiful! I will definately stop by and read about what you're up to. :)