september lists

I am a huge list maker, and this time of year I always have a big one on the go. Right now, I have big plans and am just hoping for enough time to accomplish even half of it before Christmas.

Here's what I've got on my mind....

- finish knitting fall fingerless gloves
- make quilt for family room/couch cozying
- clean out closets and sort clothes
- bake a pie
- wear more accessories
- find fabric to recover 'new' dining room chairs (craig's list is great, but dusty rose vinyl is not)
- find the secret to flawless skin, without spending a penny***
- keep up with laundry and ironing***
- use crock pot at least once a week

***not holding my breath for these ones


a friend to knit with said...

perfect list. if you find the secret to the skin, could you please tell me?
lovely photos.

Helen said...

its sad that the only list i make lately are the seasonal wardrobe to-buy list...i think we started that last year!

Claudia said...

I'm also into lists...it is almost like meditation ;)

Lisa said...

I LOVE that duck photo!! I think you should put "frame & hang duck pic" on your list! hehe
The best part about lists is when you get to cross a line through an item.

Anna said...

I love your list Sandy! I used to be a 'list' person too, but then I used to get terribly guilty when I wasn't crossing enough off!

L. said...

I love the "wear more accessories" I'm always telling myself to do that and I think of it as I'm going out the door struggling to put 2 kids in their car seats...as if I'm going to run back in to throw some on...I should though.