sunday night date

Sunday's are one of my favorite days of the week. On this particular one, I was feeling quite relaxed and organized. I went out to do some shopping and encountered car trouble. I had to be rescued by my parents- twice. But it all worked out with a new car battery and I even had some nice shopping time snuck in there with my Mom. All was good.
I put the groceries away, was taken out for a delicious birthday dinner, and was actually caught up on all laundry. It was turning out to be a wonderful day! Kids were bathed, stories were about to be read, and I was anxious to tuck into bed with a book or maybe watch a movie. But the smell of rotten eggs stopped us in our tracks. We were perplexed. I kept checking Jamie's pull-up and wondering if a sweet boy of his size could produce a smell that vile. Actually, I know he could, but this was different. And he was clean.
Glen & I went on a search. He was convinced there must be a rotting pull-up hidden under a bed or forgotten in a corner. But nothing was found. We started checking all floors of the house as the smell was becoming more and more obvious. He went to the basement and all I heard was 'Oh my God!" along with some gagging sounds. He told me to come see for myself. I walked down the stairs, covering my nose with my shirt and was sure I would find something disgusting one of the boys had done. But it wasn't them at all. What it was, was raw sewage all over my basement floor.
I can't tell you how happy I am to have a brother in law who is a plumber. And that this all happened 1 hour before the rental place closed for the night. There are small blessings to be found in that. So we skipped the movie and spent the next few hours cleaning. And laughing.
Needless to say, there will be no photos accompanying this post.


Norm said...

Bleuuuuuugghhhhh! You poor things - what an awful way to end a weekend. Hope all's well - and sweet-smelling - now!

a friend to knit with said...

oh no!!!!!!

glad you could get some laughs out of it!