last, lazy days of december

With all the December madness behind me, I've found myself finally breathing again. What an insane month. Christmas wasn't so busy, but the weeks leading up to it were. We had a wonderful holiday and I'm feeling very fortunate and thankful.
With 4 days off in a row, I managed to sleep in many times (thanks to Glen). I made a dent in laundry and found myself almost continuously picking up new and old toys. I realized how disorganized I had become, and now I'm heading into my January blitz of conquering clutter.

We went to Ikea on Saturday and I picked up some jars and this adorable elephant tray. I wanted some shelving (the very narrow ledges), but the boys started getting irritable so we made a quick exit.

I've been working on that quilt there, slowly but surely. My machine was acting up, but after a little oiling I should be able to conquer that too. Just do not ask about the binding part.
Other than that, there's been some baking of these Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread cookies.
There was some non-baking too (I think I could make myself sick eating large quantities of that). I discovered the series Heroes and have been staying up late to watch episode after episode. And there's been some easy reading, too.
I hope your Christmas was filled with good things, too.


Philigry said...

sounds like you had a great holiday. love that quilt.

wendy said...

thanks for the comment sandy! the quilt looks beautiful.. love those jars too!