monday thru friday thing

because I work outside of my home monday to friday, i feel a bit of a backlog of work to do on the weekends. things that should be otherwise manageable become overwhelming. and really, laundry should not be the cause of stress in anyone's life.

then I remembered how my mom used to have domestic tasks set throughout the week.

i think monday night's she washed towels. wednesdays she cleaned all the bathrooms. friday nights were homemade pizza and laundry. all of which left more of the weekend to be enjoyed (although I do remember her cleaning all saturday morning and scrubbing floors on her hands and knees-hmm).

glen & I are always saying to each other how we have to start doing this monday thru friday thing. i'm wondering how you get your household stuff done. do you have set days for certain jobs? Do you do everything in one blitz of a day? or do you just do things when you can?

i'm giving the monday thru friday thing a try, starting monday. which gives me more time to make play-dough. recipe for it found here.

and this cake which is cooling and almost ready to ice. mmm.

happy weekend!


Heather in SF said...

My Granny made up dish towels for each day showing embroidered kittens (she loved kittens) doing the chores for that day - so cute! Here is the order: Monday - Wash day. Tuesday: ironing day. Wednesday: sewing day. Thursday: market day. Friday: cleaning day. Saturday: baking day. Sunday: rest day. I think you have a great idea and I'm starting this myself tomorrow! Love your blog by the way...

a friend to knit with said...

i love the monday thru friday thing, and remember my mother doing just that also. (she worked outside of the home, too)
since i am home, it is easier, but i too try not to do the cleaning on the weekends when the kids are home.
spreading things out during the week is the best i know. except for laundry. i try to do it on mondays, and fridays.
(except sometimes i think it would be great for my kids to actually see me on my hands and knees. :)....next weekend i may just show them that! :) )

Philigry said...

i do the same thing. gotta spread it out.

Jane said...

I'm trying to spread it out too. That is, if I can get off the computer long enough :)

KeanaLee said...

I despise laundry! Hate it, want to burn it all......I didn't feel this way until recently.

Helen said...

thats a good idea...but then again, u'd be cleaning everyday! i think i rather just leave it...and do it all at once :p

i used to have a "beauty schedule." like sunday: wash makeup brushes, monday: exfoliate body, wednesday:mask, friday: manicure etc etc. i should get back into that...i think that should take priority over house chores, no?

Stephanie said...

I'm curious how this is working for you so far. My fiance and I have talked about making a chore chart for a while so that come Saturday morning, we aren't faced with dirt, cat hair, and laundry all at once. I'd rather get it out of the way during the week so that I can enjoy my weekends.