right now...

i want to find a cute spring skirt
i am trying to knit every day (even if just a couple rows)
i am trying at least one new recipe a week
i am visiting the library more and saving money!
i am accessorizing more

so far, february is very good!


a friend to knit with said...

such a wonderful list.
i love the idea of trying a new recipe every week.

KeanaLee said...

I love the library too! I just have to remember to get those books back....LOL

Wendy said...

what a great list! a very good february indeed :)

Nantucket Dreams said...

i am visiting the library more too...and thinking well what the heck was i paying so much for books for when i could have gotten them for free? geesh! and getting them back...i write it on my calendar...it helps most of the time :)

Lisa said...

Hey, watch out for those library fees ;).