sunday beauty

it's been a very emotional week. actually, it's been months. but this week even more so. i've spent some time this sunday observing things around the house that offer a little bit of brightness.
this hamper is just about empty. a very good thing.

these balloons are a remnant from james' birthday party last weekend. jamie turning 3 is a very good thing too.
these teacups are from my mom. i love the colours so much, i keep them in my bedroom to hold some jewelry.
and speaking of complete beauty, my newly expanding collection of jewelry makes me so happy.

i hope you're finding beauty in your sunday too.


a friend to knit with said...

oh yes. beauty IS all around us!
and an empty laundry basket.....ahhh......that is also blissful!

Norm said...

Your teacups are gorgeous! What a great idea to use them for holding jewellery. I really struggle finding something to keep mine in.

Nantucket Dreams said...

i love those teacups...so pretty!

Jane said...

Love your teacups...and yes look for the good things, it helps.

Philigry said...

love it all. so pretty. i used to collect teacups. love them.

Anna said...

How lovely that you find and see such beauty around you ((()))

Lisa said...

Pretty pictures! I love the horse!!
(I haven't seen an empty laundry hamper in years. I'm happy for you.)

Paola said...

How beautiful! Your teacups are so sweet. :) I even love your laundry basket!