my favorite cookie

these are my absolute favorite cookies. i love them so much and have handed out the recipe so many times, that they are now commonly referred to as Sandy's Shortbread Meltaways. i can't take credit for the recipe though, only the passing around of it.
everyone that has tasted them has asked me for the recipe. it comes from here which is also the place where i discovered the brown sugar buttons (also very good, but not as meltingly delicious as these shortbread meltaways).
they have become a staple with my christmas baking, but i also make them for no reason at all.

my lovely friend kate makes them often and has passed samples of them around new york, england, and who knows where else! she is quite the traveller, you know.

i think it's time you tried them too! especially you, leslie (a.k.a the cookie queen).
i think it's my duty to share something so good. enjoy!


Norm said...

I too consider it my duty as a cookie-loving person to pass these along to all my friends! In fact I'm quite the evangelist when it comes to these! They're particularly exciting here in England as we can't get Skor Chipits here (but I still have a large stash from Canada). I made some for my parents' visit this week - they loved them too. They'll always be 'Sandy's Shortbread Meltaways' to me! Thank you so much for introducing me to them - I love using your handwritten recipe for them, on that cute card you sent me.

Kate xx

Elizabeth said...

I really shouldn't - but I'm sure I will now that I have cookies on the brain. Thanks!

Elisabeth said...

I was one of the lucky recipients of Kate's cookies! We love 'em at my house too!

a friend to knit with said...

we are SO making sandy's shortbread cookies this weekend!
thank you!