back to work

after a 3 week hiatus from work, i am back at my daily 9-5 with not a lot of my to do list accomplished. i suppose being sick played a big part in that and i am trying not to feel too guilty since my body really needed the rest.

and so even though the steps were small, some steps were made and that is definitely something to be happy about.
we cleaned our garden and lawn. well, i watched the cleanup and glen did the real work.
i signed up for a yoga class and have decided to make this time for myself a high priority.
i watched season finales of House (oh my, i love this show!) and 24.
i used my crock pot a few times and found 2 new excellent recipes here and here. they are really really worth trying if you have a slow cooker.

i sat on the couch and cuddled with the boys a lot and really, there is nothing much better than that.

and something that made me really excited while I was home wallowing in my sick self was being featured here, on one of my favorite interior design sites Apartment Therapy!

and so my peaceful 3 weeks at home are officially over. (sigh)

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