finding a plan

i was having a pretty good april when all of a sudden i was hit by an annoying cold that would not go away and turned into pneumonia. after the first few really bad days, i've settled into this middle zone where i'm not feeling horrible, but just not feeling great. i am home from work, and will be for a couple of weeks, which would normally be a time to jump for joy and craft, cook and socialize. but i haven't had the energy to really accomplish much of anything.
i've been using the time to really think about my approach to our busy lives.
i know i talk (or complain) about it a lot, but it's really been my biggest challenge in life. to be a good mother, wife, woman, and also work such long days. there are so many daily stresses and constraints on us, that i get frustrated and angry with myself which doesn't do anyone any good.

i'm evaluating my approach to everything, from dressing the kids, scheduling, and what we cook and eat. one thing i am planning on doing as soon as work starts up again, is sunday cooking for the week. i have 2 friends at work who do this- spend their sunday morning or afternoon cooking many dishes for the week to come. and i was reminded of this technique when i stumbled on a new to me blog the other day here. i remember my mom doing this during the few years she worked while i was a teenager. it makes a lot of sense, and i'm hoping it will help my weeknights because they need a lot of help at the moment.

i've started a new binder to keep all of the recipes that are good for this kind of sunday prep cooking, as well as a few super quick ones for nights in question. I have a kazillion cookbooks in my collection and enjoy cooking from them on weekends, but weeknights are vicious with time and do not allow too many ina or nigella recipes.

while i was home this week, i pulled out this book again, since it is pretty brainless to keep dough in the fridge and make this at any time:

it's so very delicious and completes even the simplest of meals.

while i was in this baking mood today, i also made my favorite cake (it's definitely the most often made cake in my kitchen). it's a pumpkin bundt cake and it makes a great mid-morning snack. you can find the recipe here. most of the time i add a cup of chocolate chips, but i didn't this time because i feel like we're still coming off the easter sugar rush around here.

i have a lot of good books to look through while i'm home. and a lot more planning and structuring to do. i am determined to find a way to better use my time (for housework, cooking, etc.). if you have any tips, i'd love to hear them.
this week, in between all of the bed rest, i am hoping to clean out the kids clothing, and my own. serious clutter clearance! if i can manage that, i hope to work on some sewing projects from Weekend Sewing too. i really love this book!
and of course, juliet needs tending to.
have a great week!


a friend to knit with said...

sandy! so sorry that you are so sick!!
baking is always so good to do while stuck in the house.
i have been busy cleaning drawers and closets. i really need to go through the toys... and just let go!

feel better soon!

KeanaLee said...

hope your feeling better.....can't wait to see how cooking for the week goes, I once saw a book that showed you how to cook for a whole month!

sheepish one said...

wow, for being sick, you've been so industrious!
you definitely sound like you've found a plan...
i had checked out "once a month cooking" from the library. my family didn't like many of the recipes, but i hope you're lucky and find a slew of 'em!