sunday cooking for the week- take 1

this sunday, i tried cooking for the week. maybe not the entire week, but a few things that will help ease the strain at dinner time most nights, along with some lunch and snack options.
i actually started saturday night with a rhubarb loaf. i picked my first batch of rhubarb from the garden and searched for a recipe. I was excited to see just how many rhubarb recipes I found in my collection. I love the fruit and can never have too many ways to prepare it. but for this night, i wanted something simple that would sit in my cake dome for the next few days just there for the taking.
As the day wound down and the kids were happily tiring out, I popped it into the oven with almost no effort at all. It was our Sunday afternoon snack and it is packed in my lunchbag today too.

my sunday cooking for the week included:
Beef Stroganoff in the Crock pot
Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup
Baked Tofu (for salads, sandwiches and maybe fried rice)
Rhubarb Loaf

I meant to also make some chocolate banana muffins for the kids and one bean/veggie salad but i didn't get that far. i have started accumulated recipes and next week will add some grilled chicken (to use in salad one night, and quesadillas another night) and some kind of quiche.
for my first round, i am pretty pleased with what i made. i think next week i'll increase it by one or two dishes and that should help get us through the week happily. at least when i get home, i'll be able to breathe a little easier knowing dinner is half way there.

if you have any good plan ahead/keep in the fridge recipes, please send them to me!

Happy Monday!


Norm said...

It sounds like you're being very organised Sandy! I also try to keep a tin of cookies around, or a cake that keeps well.

For main meals I often roast a large chicken at the weekend. We have it as a traditional roast dinner twice, then use the meat for things like enchiladas, and boil the bones for stock for a soup or risotto. It lasts us most of the week without much work (OK, there's only 2 of us, but you could roast 2?!)

Sandy said...

Hi Kate!
I should roast chicken more often, we all love it.
And I started using the notepad you sent me again to follow my meal plan for the week. :)

Helen said...

ooh, i am going to try that baked tofu! how did you like it? i do have to say that i found it odd that she didnt press the tofu first...