this friday i find myself listing things i should have done by now, while trying not to feel any guilt over my lack of accomplishments.
this package should have gone out weeks ago. actually, months ago. it's for one of the dearest people i've met through blogland. i really hope she likes it. she is a crazy cool mama that inspires me all the time.
instead of racing around trying to finish more tasks, i decided to just relax and soak up some of the stillness around me. i found nooks and corners that make me happy.

bits and pieces that are inspiring and refreshing.

these beautiful bits are from the workroom!

i'm gathering energy for the weekend ahead and the coming week, too.

my to do list includes:
~ visit a local yoga studio and finally sign up for classes
~ mail that package
~ tighten up my plans for sunday cooking for the week
~ spring clean closets and donate unwearable clothing
~ paint a tool/book box for camden's room
~ knit some of my juliet each and every day

there is more, but i'm trying to keep it attainable. what's on your to do list this weekend?


Claudia said...

I love lists...keep me calm and happy!
go yoga :)

Anonymous said...

Your home is beautiful Sandy. Remember to rest and relax too :)

We are going to buy yarn, Debbie Bliss organic collection!

Thanks for the inspiration to knit!

Melanie xoxo

rafraffel said...

Hai Sandy,
Most of the time i have very long lists in my had. I want to clean the house, i want to work, but i also want to paint my doors in the house. We live her for 3 years now,but we never painted the insite doors. I really want to learn croching, and i want to knit a summer scarf for my self. The dress i saw in a sewing book , that is maybe a new project, but the children also need new clothes, and i love to make them myself. And i have 3 books that i really want to read. So maybe when i write my list on a paper it is better for me. And than, when i did something from the list, it can also keep me calm and happy!! Now i have so manythings on my had, that it even feels like stress. So from now on i make lists. Thank you, and by the way i love your blog, and that is also a thing i really love to do reading blogs that inspiring me.
Love from Holland Raffie

Alisha said...

i love your nooks and corners that make you happy...perfect....and i love that yarn!

hope your list help you through the weekend.

sheepish one said...

that corner with the bookcase would make me happy, too!

a friend to knit with said...

hope you had a wonderful mother's day, sandy.
i started yoga last month and couldn't love it more.
i actually wish i could go every day.... and wonder why i didn't start sooner.

Catherine said...

lovely corners in your home. I am a terrible list maker too, but it sounds like you are doing it right taking time for yourself.