summer is finally here!

the last day of school was today. i am breathing a big sigh of relief. summer finally feels here and we have the humidity to prove it.
we will now have a lot more time to spend with our sweet mia (james is most happy about this).

and with her twin brother and sister who are getting more adorable each day.
i get to spend a lot more time with my younger sister (who is stealing a moment to actually eat in this picture- those 4 month twins and mia keep her pretty busy right now).

she is such a good mom.

and camden really likes their backyard so if we're not home, we'll be a few blocks aways at their house.
happy summer!


Helen said...

aww, thats such a cute picture of jamie & mia. i am so jealous of the backyard playhouse! i've always wanted one when i was a kid.

Norm said...

I'm pleased your Summer has arrived at last. I can hardly believe that schools have already finished though... we have another 3 weeks still to go! (My last 3 weeks of working part-time...)