week 2- update

i'm 2 weeks into being a stay at home mama, and so far it is going very well. i was a little ambitious and booked every single appointment i've neglected for the last year into these few weeks, but finally things are slowing down.

camden is in school for another 2 weeks, so i am enjoying the quiet mornings and gearing up for the long summer days. he did graduate from kindergarten this week.

there are days that i am feeling a little frazzled, but i just remember how hard it was being at work and i am quickly over it. i am aware, however, that it has only been 2 weeks and by the end of summer with 2 boys around all day, every day, i could be completely insane. i am taking preventative measures and have already started yoga classes with a friend.

with my new found domesticity, i made a share worthy cake. i was craving one of those chocolate snackin' cakes my mom used to make from a box when i was a kid but they're no longer available. thanks to the wondrous internet, i quickly found this recipe and it is fab-u-lous!

i get a lot of satisfaction in making a cake that fills up a 9 x 12" lasagna pan. i will be making this one often.


Elizabeth said...

Oh yum. I'll be trying that quick-like.

Enjoy these first stay-at-home honeymoon weeks. I'm coming close to my first year of official SAHMdom (and occasional WAHMdom) and it's still a balancing act. One that can be frustrating, and exhausting, and intense...and worth every moment. The daily moments when you realize 'I would have missed that' are priceless (as are the occasional solo trips to Starbucks). Making sure that you have one thing each week that is just for you is so key - yoga...goood!

Sandy said...

Elizabeth, thank you for all the advice. I need it! I am a little worried about getting through the summer, but I'm attacking it with good intentions.
I am so happy to have this time with them....time I will never get back.