weekend sewing

i received heather ross's weekend sewing for mother's day, and it is a really inspirational book. i love the fact that someone out there understands that some of us only have weekends to sew. sometimes life doesn't allow for much more than that.

the projects in here are very straightforward and often times quick, too. take this checkbook cover, for example. i made one for a good friend of mine and then followed up with one for me since I liked it so much.

next time, i might add some stiff fusing to make it a little more sturdy though.
very fast, very easy, and very fun to make.

this dress was the first thing i made from the book for my niece, Mia. sometimes i wish i had a daughter just so i could make things like this. luckily, i have 3 nieces to curb any thoughts of trying for a girl. my hands are full enough as it is. i did get a few kicks trying it on jamie for a proper fitting though (oh, i wish i took a picture of that).

i did try making the travel case/cosmetics bag, but it turned out completely skewed and ridiculous, or abstract, a term that sounds much better. instead, i made this simple pouch for my friend's birthday.
just thought i would mention that blunder so no one is under any illusion that i am constantly creating beautiful things around here. there are some hits, but many misses and usually i don't feel the need to post about the failures. although that may make a good post one day, too.

happy monday!


Elizabeth said...

Somebody had a busy weekend!

I just came across your blog in recent months and am inspired by your lovely pictures and creations. It's always refreshing to be reminded of the pieces that don't make it to the blog though - it makes me feel better about my own collection of "shake head and sigh" moments. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sandy, I am in awe as usual! The dress is stunning, really stunning.

Glad you are enjoying your time at home :)

Love Melanie xoxo

Sandy said...

Hi Elizabeth! I wish you had commented earlier, I feel like I've mmissed out on your blog until now.
"shake head and sigh" moments is a great way to refer to them.

Hi Melanie, thank you! I'm sure this would be adorable on Sophie. I think you could make one!

Anonymous said...

The knitting has really taken off and I am thinking of asking a friend to show me how to use a machine! I would love to make Sophie's clothes! Mia is a very lucky young lady :)

julie said...

Sandy, everything is so pretty, and Mel is right, the dress is fabulous, I love the pattern of the fabric too.
You inspire me to start sewing (but I bet there'll be plenty of misshapen stuff!)

Claudia said...

Oh, everything is so lovely!
I think that I will make a checkbook cover this weekend!

The Boy said...

I found your photos on flickr and followed it to your blog. I hope you don't mine. Such lovely creations! And so fun to see someone who is crafty in all sorts of ways. - Connie

Sandy said...

Elizabeth and Connie, thanks for your comments. it's so nice to 'see new faces'

Julie, you will be wipping up things in no time and putting me to shame.