grown ups play make believe too

i've spent way too much time on the computer today. i discovered twitter, found a million knitting patterns and yarns i want, and quite a few other things that i have no business getting right now. allow me to share with you some discoveries.....

this coffee table is exactly what my family room neeeeeeeeds! and you can have your choice of it in 40 luscious colours from maine cottage. this necklace from foundling is so sweet and understated.

this photograph from charmaine olivia. so beautiful.
and saltwaters. i have loved these sandals for more than one summer, but have serious doubts that they are 'me'.

photo from here.

what are you loving right now?


beki said...

stop it! now I want to do some internet exploring. LOVE that cofee table and necklace :)

a friend to knit with said...

oh yes... i love all your loves, too!!!
and saltwaters... i love them also, but don't think they are me.

hmmm. as always, i am loving jeans. i slipped a pair on yesterday evening and was reminded how great they really are.
and dreaming about fall sweaters... although i don't want to see summer go for a while... but i do LOVE dreaming about pairing those jeans with a sweater. :)

Helen said...

love the necklace! i've seen really similar ones at the distillery but can never choose just one!

Jane said...

loving tomatoes right now. eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I too, love all your picks! I'm off to check out that coffee table.