time is a funny thing

in case you thought my little absence here was due to some exotic summer vacation, let me just inform you, it is not. i've been here, at home, enjoying the ridiculously mild summer weather and my time. and even though time is in abundance right now (and i am still pinching myself and foolishly grinning about it), the days are zipping by faster than i can believe. in the last couple weeks......

~ i finally started waking up before the boys to have my morning coffee, see glen off to work, and gain a little head start to my day. it's making a huge difference in 'starting my day as i mean to end it'.

~i've seen my best friends and their children after much too long. so much has happened in everyone's lives, including some new babies, yet we just seemed to pick up where we left off. i am so lucky to have them.

~i've been devouring the last 2 issues of gourmet magazine. they are incredibly good and have rekindled the love affair i have with my cookbooks and new recipes. august may be a very exciting food month around here.

~ i've been on a huge knitting kick lately (i only wish i could knit those long juliet rows a little faster as i have about 5 new projects i want to cast on for next).

i hope you are enjoying your time as much as possible.


Elizabeth said...

What a sweet kniting bag. Did you make?

Sandy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
No, I bought it at Michael's. It's an Amy Butler.

Norm said...

I'm so pleased you're so happy with your new-found free time Sandy! As always I enjoy seeing your projects,

Don't forget to pop in and see us on the forum though - we miss you!

Jane said...

oh yes, the summer is slipping away. It feels like we haven't even had summer due to the cool weather. Lots to do in the next few weeks!