lots of new

i started my new job last week and it kept me a little too busy to blog. a little too busy for cleaning and much of anything else, too. but it's all going very well so far. and did i mention a big renovation at home also? yep, we must be crazy.

we're finishing off our basement, and we decided one bigger window was in order.

and when things get busy, i seem to get more inspired than ever. at the moment it is amy butler doing the inspiring around here. i have pulled out some of her fabrics from my stash, and ordered the amy butler softwares (projects on cd). and since my birthday is next month, i thought it was about time i seriously added to my fabric stash. I practically run to the mailbox every day waiting for it to arrive.

camden had his first week of grade 1! he's been a little overwhelmed, as I have been, but it's all pretty exciting. hopefully i'll settle things down and start blogging a little more often again.

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Jane said...

New projects are always good. Good luck at the new job!