breaking news...

i made a pie, completely from scratch.

i've made plenty of desserts before, some included home made pastry. but for some reason, making a real fruit pie seemed different. i served it to my parents after a perfect roast beef dinner with yorkshire puddings. it was so nice to cook for my mom for a change.

other breaking news.....
~ i chopped off a lot of my hair
~ i've already decided what i want for christmas from this site
~ i spent a lot of time in ikea today with my mr. and we enjoyed a lunch date in the caf. (we had no kids with us, but i wanted to help every other mother in the store by holding or feeding their screaming baby- of course, i resisted)
~ swedish meatballs are really yummy
~ fall is pretty amazing


larissa said...

your pie looks amazing! i'll be 39 in december and i've asked for something from that site too - hope we both get what we want.

A while ago you mentioned that you were having trouble quilting using your walking foot. you need to get a walking foot that goes with your machine - check with dealer where you bought the machine or order one from the catalog that came with your machine. This foot makes quilting easy because the it has feed dogs (that feed fabric from the top) that synchronize with the feed dogs already in your machine (these feed from the bottom). If they're not feeding at the same rate it won't work - so they have to at the very least be made by the same company as your machine. that is certainly more than you wanted to know. I love all the yummy foods you prepare for you family - I can tell you truly enjoy "feeding" them!

Jane said...

oh how i would love an afternoon in ikea with my husband...better yet I would just like to be able to visit ikea on a regular basis. let's see your hair! do you like it?

Renee said...

Mmm, that pie looks delicious!
My husband won't spend an afternoon with me at Ikea... I'd have way too many purchases and projects for him. lol