if you've been looking for me, i've been in the kitchen

i feel like i've been hibernating in my kitchen lately. we had to put the furnace on this week, and i am getting acquainted with my new cast iron pan, my good old slow cooker, and some new recipes.
i made a lasagne in my slow cooker that was very good. it surprised me, just how good it was. and camden had 3 man sized portions. i also made a one pot chicken casserole thing in the slow cooker which was ok but i'll probably not make again.

i finally made rachel's chicken enchiladas and they were delicious. i've already copied the recipe onto a small index card to go into my recipe box- a sure sign they are a winning recipe.

i tried a recipe from the cast iron skillet cookbook (which i mention below) and it was fantastic.

moist cornbread, which I think will be perfect with soup tonight if I can get myself together to participate in Jessica's Soup Swap over at turkey cookies.

this cornbread is delicious.

and i finally managed to make glen his favorite cookie which has only ever been made at christmas in our house....chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies from martha.

these cookies involve a few extra steps than the average cookie recipe, but they are so good they are worth a little extra work. and i think i got some extra wife points for making them on request.

happy monday!


Julia said...

Yum yum yum.

Furnaces and yummy homemade food, what can be better than that.

Anonymous said...

what's the recipe to the cornbread? it looks divine!