october and cast iron

there is a chill in the air this week and the comfort food bug has bitten me. i have been spending any spare moments i have on the couch with a blanket and cookbooks all around me. some of my old favorites have been pulled off the shelf to get better aquainted with. and a new one has quickly made its way to be one of my favorites.

at the end of summer, i bought myself a cast iron skillet which i am very excited about. and when i saw this book at crate&barrel yesterday, i could not resist. the recipes look fantastic. i have flagged so many pages already....dutch babies, buttermilk breakfast scones, monday night meatloaf, moist cornbread, baked apples and so many more! can you imagine baking banana bread in a skillet? oh, i can't wait for all the goodness this book will bring to my table (starting tonight). they're all from the cast iron skillet cookbook, by sharon kramis and julie kramis hearne.

i haven't tried any of them yet, but this quote from the introduction makes me very happy:

"our well-seasoned cast iron skillets connect our family history with love, from one generation to the next."

and while i was at crate&barrel, i finally found a table cloth that fits my large round table on sale. who knew a 90" round would be so hard to find? it was a very good day.


Helen said...

I think I have the same cast iron skillet! Its awesome but make sure you season it like twice before you start using it even if it says preseasoned.

That cookbook looks great!

Heather said...

I have never seen a cast iron cookbook, I am going to have to try it. Thanks for sharing

Jessica said...

Hi Sandy-
I've been dreaming of a cast iron skillet! It is on my Christmas list. Anyways, on Monday people will be able to link to their recipe posts through my blog. If you stop by there should be a list of people who are participating and their links (that is...if technology works in my favor!) I hope you find a tasty treat!

a friend to knit with said...

i have been wanting a cast iron skillet for quite a while.... i wish i had my grandmothers old one!!

(i take cookbooks to bed... my kind of reading.)