patchwork love

i just finished a new table runner for our kitchen table, and i am totally in love with these fabrics. so much so, that i think i may need all new pillows in the family room which is just off of the kitchen.

i used amy butler's pattern for the truest triangle table runner which is on her softwares disc. it was easy enough to complete, although my triangles may not be the truest out there. but that's ok. i feel like a pretty good sewer when it comes to garments, but my quilting is definitely not perfect. i've come to accept that and almost like it.

the fabrics i used were mostly amy butler's (a combination of a few of her collections), with a bit of anna maria horner thrown in there too. i have a lot of green in my home, and i think this touch of blue really compliments the green. it's funny how one project can turn into another. i'm off to plan more pillows now.


sheepish one said...

wow sandy! that is absolutely a perfect blog title for this project! i LOVE it!!
your technique looks immaculate. you used my very favorite fabric lines -- amy butler and anna maria horner. beautiful work!

Jessica said...

I love the color combination you used--I need a new table runner soon!

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely lovely and just in time for the holiday weekend! I've had my eye on that software and this post is pushing me even closer to the spending zone. I can't wait to see some future pillows.

julie said...

It's beautiful, Sandy, and it looks pretty perfect to me too :)

Jane said...

so very cute. I want to try some quilting once the winter hits. This might be perfect to try.