better late than never

i started making the boys pajama pants a long time ago. i remember sewing them on christmas eve day last year, and getting a little stressed that they would not be ready in time to go under the tree. i tore myself away from the sewing machine before they were done because i thought my time was better spent with my boys and family in a peaceful way during the holidays, rather than alone in the sewing room ridden with anxiety.
camden found them the other day and asked if he could wear them. i am not sure why they fell by the wayside for so long. they were the cutest bandana print fabric.
but the good thing is i didn't even have to hem them since camden had grown taller. in fact, i think they may even be floods by christmas.


Elizabeth said...

What a priceless story and a terrific find on your fellas part. That fabric is terrific and they look so perfectly comfy!

If your kids grow like mine, you'll be able to shorten them by the summer - kids legs seems to grow 10x faster than waistlines - then it reverses with age apparently.

a friend to knit with said...

awww! i'm so glad camden found them!!
so sweet.

Jane said...

I still have the fabric to make them...bought it five years ago!!!