thoughts on me & knitting

i have been spending a lot of time lately, perusing ravelry and all it has to offer. my interest in knitting seems to come and go, and right now it is definitely a part of my everyday. juliet, the sweater i am knitting for myself, is still on the needles and almost complete. i am a little torn about it though. it is beautiful, but i very obviously made some mistakes early on in the lace pattern that i didn't catch until now (and i am only a couple inches from being done).

i know if i was a better knitter, i would rip it back and correct it. but i just can't. i am too eager to move on to some other projects.

i quickly completed these hats for the boys. the pattern was extremely simple, and i used a nice (but not spectacular yarn). i'm pretty happy with them.

during my recent knitting blitz, i have learned this....

1~ knitting is not an inexpensive craft.
2~ the yarn i like is not widely available, even in my local yarn shop. boo.
3~ if i make a mistake, i have no idea how to go back and correct it.
4~ i really need a knitting mentor that lives next door.
5~ if anyone decides to chat with me, i must put the needles down immediately (or stupid mistakes will occur and then i deal with point #3).
6~ as much patience as i have in everyday life, i have very little with myself when it comes to knitting and get so easily discouraged.

if you are a knitter and have any tips for me, please do share. or if you are looking to move, there are a few homes on my street for sale, too.


denise said...

It feels like knitting season, doesn't it? I knit, but I'm no guru. I find the employees in yarn shops where I've purchased my yarn to be very helpful. Also, I attended a knitting group that took place in our local library in the town I was living in last year and the other knitters in the group (far more experienced than me) were always helpful. Lastly, I enjoy simple projects that don't require mounds of yarn. This way I can purchase more expensive yarns because the volume is low and there isn't too much to navigate so I can relax and enjoy the more meditative qualities of knitting. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sandy, We are so alike it makes me laugh! Although I would love to live on your street, I fear I am a much worse knitter than you!
You have however, inspired me to finish off the 2 projects which have languished over the Summer, so thanks for that :)
The hats look great btw

Melanie xoxo

Jessica said...

I'd love to be your next door neighbor--we could knit all day long. I learned how to fix my mistakes from knitting a lot and learning how the pieces came together and how knit and purl are constructed.....and frogging a bunch.

Elizabeth said...

Nothing like Fall to bring out the knitting urge. I'd offer to move next door but it probably wouldn't help since I struggle with the same 1-6. Plus, putting our own house on the market would mean cleaning right (shudder).

Those adorable hats look like the perfect way to break up a bigger project when it feels like it's taking forever. Keep plugging away at Juliet though - I can't wait to see it now.

sheepish one said...

ha ha! this is one of the funniest posts i've read in a while.
i'd move next door in a heartbeat. i need a change of scenery, and i'd finally have someone to share those pb&j bars from barefoot contessa!!
your lessons learned apply to most knitters, i think; however, i found that as i progressed in my knitting life, i could spot mistakes, diagnose what it was that i did in error and go back to it to fix. this was not an automatically acquired skill.
i don't have access to the yarns i want to purchase unless i head to the web. this is fine and dandy, but i always feel that the true color of what i end up with in my hands is not what i really expected.
knitting is definitely not cheap ($80 for my FLS?), unless acrylics rock your socks. i am a snob and will not buy yarn in a big box craft store. generally.
have fun! i love the hats, and seeing your adorable face grace your blog. ;)

Renee said...

Just keep at it. Your comfort level and skills will improve.
Getting together with other knitters weekly is a great way to get some pointers on things that stump you and a nice atmosphere to knit in. Ask at your LYS if there's a group that meets there or one you can join. Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

this post made me chuckle. i have been trying to knit my first scarf for my daughter since march. except, i have had to start from scratch several times b/c i'm either distracted or my 2 year old has gotten his hands on it and removed a stitch or two. and since i don't know how to fix it without having to start over, it's been a neverending saga. ha!! i hope to finish it soon though...at least by next winter-)

a friend to knit with said...

your haircut is absolutely ADORABLE! and so are YOU!!!!!!
i DO wish i was your next door neighbor!!

adorable hats, by the way!

Jane said...

I think you're doing great! I have always knit by myself...that is until I found the online community. I watch what people do and try to figure things out for myself. There have been many projects that I have put down because I couldn't "get" something. I still can't wrap my head around short rows.

Love the hat and the picture of you!