ben 10 and kevin

last week i had a craft day with my nieces and some friends so that they could make themselves a doll. after the girls saw camden doll and jamie doll, they each wanted their own, so we set out to make them. the boys had been asking for a ben 10 and kevin doll for awhile, and although i hoped they would forget about them, they did not.
i was a little stressed about the amount of detail needed for the ben doll, especially since camden's eye for detail is sharp. much like a designer that can see a missing paillette or sequin on an evening gown. but he was patient with me and allowed me to eliminate some stripes. the omnitrix was not negotiable though.

so here they are, using the wee wonderfuls make-a-long patterns.

not too bad, minus the "dead eyes" my sister pointed out on kevin.
the boys are thrilled and i have to admit I am thrilled they are done!


larissa said...

they look great - love the mouth on kevin! and all that's important is that the kiddos approve - mine no longer want me to knit them anything although they'd each like two more quilts. Happy New Year to you - and what's with all the organizing and cleaning tips in every single magazine - can't we just start the new year with a wee break from all the cleaning? love the hat you're knitting for your hubbie.

julie said...

The dolls are super cute! I have just made some elephants and find it so nice to make toys.

Alisa said...

Those dolls are great! Glad the boys love them. I never would have thought that Kevin had "dead" eyes, but it cracks me up!

Jane said...

This would have put me over the edge. You a brave woman! They look great and the boys will remember them, always.