it's already january 2nd, and i'm just starting to reflect on the past year and focus on the new one ahead. i love this time of year. there is nothing i love more than the feeling of a clean slate; a fresh start. it's one of the few times of the year i give myself a break when it comes to unfinished projects and a disorderly home. i am soaking up the january issues of magazines focusing on organizing and cleaning with a vengeance.

we learned a lot in 2009, and dealt with some major milestones. it was the year camden was diagnosed with autism. and the year i lost a job. but so much good has come from both of those things, so i feel like it was a good year for our family.

the basement renovation is almost over. there is still a lot to pull together, but we managed to set up the new family room, with superior surround sound i might add! right now, the boys are watching the original batman movie with adam west. they are now referring to this robin as "old school" which i find adorable.

our holidays were excellent. i didn't cook as much as i'd hoped, nor sewed as much as i planned. and glen's hat is still not complete. but all is good.
there were family gatherings, delicious food, and some movie nights with glen which involved roasted chestnuts and new cookbooks to browse.

i'm looking forward to a calm and happy january. happy new year!


julie said...

Happy new year Sandy! Here's to a happy and creative one :)

Jane said...

Happy New Year Sandy! Here's to a great 2010!