january eats

i stole a moment with my sister to do a late night makeup run at shoppers drug mart a few nights ago. we both had some gift cards and wanted a new eye shadow. we left with some really nice new cosmetics and this little magazine called the best of slow cooker recipes from prevention magazine.

i admit i already have a couple of slow cooker books and magazines, but after a quick flip through this one, i knew it was a must have. it is overflowing with pictures and yummy looking recipes that don't call for a lot of ingredients i don't have on hand. as a cookbook lover, that is one of my major pet peeves. the recipes in this magazine have limited ingredients that are high on flavour. i've already had success with the first recipe and have tagged dozens of others to try.

the crock roasted chicken with rotisserie rub was to die for. seriously simple and melt in your mouth good. and right now, i have the hungarian paprika potato soup bubbling away. other recipes that i am super excited to try are the orange beef & vegetables, brown sugar BBQ chicken, orange chipotle BBQ ribs and peanut butter cup cake. did i mention that it's filled with 136 comfort food recipes?

i'm a big believer in meal planning and also love my crock pot to death. i find assembling a recipe in the morning so much more enjoyable, not to mention possible, than trying to cook at that exact time the boys seem to need my full attention (from 4-5:00pm). I am treating this little magazine as my guide to better meal planning and cooking this year.

i know so many blogs i love have posted topics on family meal planning and new recipes to try. a couple of my favorites are here and here. and if you need more inspiration to get you through the cold, dark winter months, you should consider picking up this magazine too. if you couldn't tell, i really love it.


Anna said...

I envy you being able to find slow cooker magazines. I don't think we have them in the UK and you know, I LOVE my slow cooker!

Can you remind me Sandy, when roasting a chicken in the slow cooker, does it need some kind of liquid to cook in?
I made roast chicken once and it was amazing, but can't remember where the recipe was from...

Sandy said...

hi anna, i am looking up the recipe and will get it back to you.