a little of this, a little of that

i am almost giddy this week because i actually have peace and quiet around here. all of the christmas stress is over. no lingering wrapping or worrying about forgetting anything. the tree is tucked away, camden back in school, and jamie is at daycare 2 days a week.

i am only baking glen's favorite christmas cookie now. and i think i finally have some of my energy for cooking back. maybe it has something to do with this magazine i love, or these books that i recieved as gifts.

before christmas, i had ordered a couple of things for myself which have finally arrived. i can honestly say i love this yarn more than any other one i've ever seen. it's from folktale on etsy, and i am so grateful that Abby was able to get this one to me. it is stunning and although i really want to make myself a pair of mittens with them, i just want to keep the ball intact a little longer so i can keep admiring it as is. is that weird?

this batch of loveliness arrived, along with some sweet felt and a mini pattern for a turtle pin cushion. all adorable and perfect. heather bailey's collections always inspire me.

i hope you are finding lots of inspiration this january also!


Helen said...

ooh, i am loving that yarn too! also, the feed men and boys cookbook is hilarious!

i need to take down my xmas tree...but i just want to hang on to it a little bit longer!

julie said...

I have the Jamie yearbook too, ashamed to say I have yet to read it properly.
The yarn is lush! I really shuld learn how to knit properly.

Enjoy your goodies and the quiet.


larissa said...

food, yarn and fabric - could anyone possibly need anything else? enjoy your bits of alone time.

photography4me said...

that yarn is awesome...could you tell me what the name of that yarn is. I was looking at her sales sight for it but couldn't find it...does it have a specific name? It's kind of expensive for a skein of yarn but those were awesome colors. luvmycat05@charter.net