i'm having a bit of a post christmas vacation. work is very scarce this month and will resume in full force very soon with a new fall line and fashion show to start it off (i can't wait for that!). in the meantime, i've been trying to organize after the basement reno and spruce up some corners.

last week, i was pulling out pictures from magazines for my inspiration folder and found a back issue of house & home containing the most beautiful pale blue end table. i figured it was a lost cause since it was from a 2008 issue, but decided to run into home outfitter's anyways. imagine my surprise when in a clearance section i found the one lonely last box containing the very same table. it's now my new bedside table.

notice that beautiful ball of yarn is now being used as a prop. i just want to stare at it all the time.

i've also been sketching a lot, which has been really soothing and familiar. kind of like an old friend. camden thinks i drew myself in this one, but i've just always drawn girls who happen to all look the same (so said pretty much every art teacher i ever had). i call it my signature style.

i've also been making a lot of lists. one of which is finally some goals i have for 2010. i made sure to put some that are very doable, as well as a few more challenging ones. nothing like a little feeling of accomplishment to kick off the year.


Carrie Rosalind said...

I absolutely LOVE that table and I'm so jealous of it! I might have to look around and see if I can find one too! :)

Also, WOW! BEAUTIFUL drawing! :)

Anna said...

You are so unbelievably creative Sandy!
I love your resolution list - even that is so beautifully presented!

larissa said...

Love your new table - I have never heard of home outfitters. Your sketch is beautiful - i'd love to see what your girl would wear.

sheepish one said...

yes, the table is to be envied! how lucky of you to find exactly what you wanted just when you wanted it!! that NEVER happens!

love the list, and do tell: what is the methodology to find your signature scent?

Sandy said...

Melana, I'm not sure if I have the secret to finding the perfect fragrance. but "perfect" purchases keep falling into my lap.
i just happened to find a scent that i absolutely adore and feels perfect for me.

a friend to knit with said...

wow. your sketch is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
i adore your list.

Jane said...

love that table sandy! and i love that you want to wear more skirts! me too!