jamie (a.k.a james, angel face jamie baby, blueberry pie)

this past week has been a whirlwind, but a very nice one. we celebrated glen's birthday early in the week, then my littlest guy turned 4. throw in valentine's day and all the school and daycare stuff (like valentine's day cards, birthday cupcakes, etc.) that goes with all that.

but the week is over, and i am now sitting back and thinking about our little jamie (who we rarely call james anymore, by the way).

camden has often been the focus on my blog, since he has such a strong personality and has issues that often require a lot of our attention. but jamie is that constant in our lives that is predictable and sweet and oozing with complete happiness. he is a complete joy, and is never ever forgotten.
jamie is the child that every parent prays for. he is happy, almost all of the time. he is independant. he is gracious and patient with his brother and with us when we need to spend a lot of our energy on camden. he is as content playing alone (and chatters and sings to himself the entire time), as he is playing with others. he is a gem and words are hard to find to express how grateful i am to have his sweetness in my life.

he brings our whole family unimagineable joy and goodness. and he looks so much like glen that i can't help squeezing him daily for it.

i don't think being a brother to a child with autism is easy, or fair at times. but jamie is so supportive and helpful and loving to his big brother. he looks up to him and savors every moment with him. just today, when camden had to have his blood drawn, jamie encouraged him and held his hand the whole time.
if i was guaranteed to keep having children like jamie, i would have 5 more. happy birthday jamie!


Anna said...

Ah, that's lovely! Happy birthday Jamie!

larissa said...

Happy Birthday Jamie! you sound like an amazing guy. hope your day was filled with hugs, kisses and a huge slice of cake! may all your wishes come true...

Helen said...

what a sweet post!

Happy Birthday Jamie! he is so adorable.

Lisa R. said...

Happy Birthday, Jamie!
What a wonderful child!!

KeanaLee said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Anonymous said...

sorry so late. What a lovely post and love the photo of Glen and Jamie together.

Jane said...

I missed this! Hope it was a wonderful birthday for you and your little guy!