my masterlist for spring 2010

i make lists almost daily either on paper, in my iphone, or in my scattered mind. but about twice a year, i come up with a well thought out and exciting (to me) master list of items i want/need.
the only person i ever really shared it with was my friend and ex-cubicle mate helen, who also makes a list of her own.

basically it is a list of important fashion items i feel i need for the upcoming season. i usually do this twice a year- once in september, and once around this time.

i work in the fashion industry, and i also adore makeup, so it's very easy for me to get caught up in trends and get all wanty. and although i do get excited and shop every now and then, i am not a hard core shopper. i also tend to get flustered in the mornings thinking about what to wear, so this list helps me get organized and feel put together.
this master list has reduced my morning dilemmas a great deal, and actually saves me money because i put a lot of thought into what i need, want and am willing to spend money on. i mull over this list for awhile so i am less inclined for impulse shopping.

what i do first is assess the closet situation and deal with the basics. how are my black pants holding up? do i have cute and comfortable jeans? and are the leg silhouettes dated? do i have my staple pieces like cardigans, white and black layering pieces, etc. answers to these types of questions tell me what goes on the new list. to give you an example of what's on my current list in this area:
  • skinny jeans (a pant cut that is totally missing in my wardrobe)
  • a black skirt
  • boyfriend blazer (casual loose, with rolled up cuffs to wear with skinny jeans or leggings)
i do the same thing for accessories and footwear. here's my current list in this area:
  • black belt to be worn over a tunic on the hip
  • metallic skinny belt from the gap

above is where i'd normally have scarves and a handbag, but i picked up some of those last time so don't need them this season.

the next thing i do is evaluate the newest trends which is part of my job anyways, and lots of fun. it's research for finding your best you, really. i admit i am a little slow at accepting some of the trends since i am a classic girl at heart, but i do try to incorporate some aspect of what's current into my wardrobe since it is my career and what i love. this area is where the fun things come in. here's my list for the fun stuff:
  • a floral, feminine and loose fitting piece (these below are from h&m's garden collection)
  • one item from the sonia rykiel collection at h&m (i love her, and i love the cute striped jumper with bow). must have!!!

and i usually end the list with a new lipstick or lip gloss, but since i've been on a makeup rampage lately, i feel a self imposed cut-off may be in order. also, i am awaiting the new mac collection (give me liberty) which comes out in march. AND, i have also just heard about the liberty of london line coming to target in march. i am so excited about both.

so there's my must have list for spring 2010. i'd love if you made your own wish list and shared it in the comments, or leave me a link to a post on your blog!


Helen said...

AH! I love "the list" time!

I am loving your H&M floral picks and the Sonia Rykiel stuff. I haven't made a list yet but I am falling in love again with some of the forgotten pieces in my closet.

Let's go on another shopping trip!

larissa said...

LOVE the top from h&m's garden collection! I don't make a list but i love classic pieces (tees, shirts, jeans, cardis) in classic colors such as green, navy, gray, brown and sometimes pink. Two to three times a year i sneak away to tjmaxx by myself and buy several new pieces that fit my style and color criteria yet look fresh and updated. I usually don't plan what i will get - i just set and budget and get clothes that will compliment what i already own. it's really hit or miss at tjmaxx but i truly enjoy the hunt. thanks for reminding me it may be time for a spring shopping trip soon! please share some of your new pieces. have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa R. said...

Good list! Where's the bf jacket from? I like the t-shirt underneath it!
L. xoxo

molly said...

great post! I need to apply this sort of road map to my spring wardrobe. such a good idea.