no apologies

i feel like i've been away from this space for so long. i'd like to be able to say that i've been busy creating masterpieces in my little studio space, but i haven't been. but a new resolution i have for 2010 is to not feel guilty about what i don't accomplish. i've come to realize that i fall in and out of phases (or crazes), and right now sewing and creating have not been at the top of my priority list. the beautiful stacks of fabric will be waiting for me and that's ok.

~what has been on my list this month is this:
~decorating the basement and organizing the entire house (still not done, but i am enjoying the slow process!)
~jumping back into work and the new fall 2010 collection (love, love, love that part of my job)
~spending every spare moment hanging out in the cozy new basement
~spending every spare moment after that, watching youtube videos on makeup

this week should be a good one. we'll be celebrating 2 birthday's in the next 5 days. more to come on that soon.

i realize there are no pictures with this post, which is a real drag. but in keeping with my 2010 resolution, i am forcing myself NOT to apologize for it.


julie said...

We'll be waiting patiently Sandy! And for pics of the basement as well :)

Elizabeth said...

No apologies is a GREAT policy. I think we all go through the same bursts and lapses in blogging and creating and just sitting back and enjoying. It all has it's own time and place and it's all good!

larissa said...

no need to apologize. decorating, creating, and hanging out are the absolute best ways to spend time! please share which youtube videos you watch - sounds interesting. have a wonderful day!

a friend to knit with said...

it is important not to feel guilty about what we do not accomplish.... a life's lesson.
have you watched kandee?

Sandy said...

leslie, you are right! and yes I have watched kandee. :)