our mountain to climb

i consider myself a pretty happy and positive person most of the time. but right now, i have to admit that this asperger's syndrome is really kicking my butt.

whoever designed the awareness ribbon for autism is pretty much brilliant, in my opinion.

it really is puzzling, with no standard manual or solution. i suppose a lot like parenting in general. but with a few more extra puzzle pieces that don't seem to fit in and cause a few additional headaches.

i can say that this show is making a lot of sense to glen & i. it's all around entertaining and the storyline involving asperger's syndrome is a lot like the story in our home.
i completely missed autism awareness month (which was april). but i think every month we should be aware.


julie said...

Being a parent can be challenging enough but throw in a syndrome and everything is twice as hard.
You're a great mom, Sandy, don't forget it.

Big hugs,


Karen said...

Sandy, I'm so sorry you're going through a difficult time. {{{Hugs.}}}

I watched a couple episodes of "Parenthood" and I liked it too.