cape cod :: a review in pictures

although i love my home, i really am missing cape cod already. i am almost positive that next time, we should go for a little longer.


Darren said...

it looks beautiful and so serene =)
I feel the same way about the Swiss Alps. The place we want to go is already booked up for October! pout.

Anonymous said...

Sandy! I thought you HAD moved there! Glad you are back, had a great time, and have some great pics too. Welcome home.

Lisa Roberts said...

...almost forgot: what do you think that is a skeleton of?

Lisa Roberts said...

AWESOME pics!!!
1. Love that Yoda accompanied you guys.
2. Love your striped shirt; totally perfect, Jackie.
3. The light is special there, like in Paris.

Thanks for sharing.
Lisa xoxo

Sandy said...

Lisa, I'm not sure what kind of skeleton that is. It was heavy though.

cape cod brings out the jackie in me. i thought of her when we went to hyannis (i think that is where the kennedy's have properties).

kirsten said...

Oh, that looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

I do really love the sparkle in your eyes, Sandy. I really do! Love, Claudia