after a week of feeling super duper productive and actually on top of things around here, i feel like my mind is compensating by doing very little. maybe it's the upcoming changing of routines, or maybe it's been the extreme humidity and weird weather happenings around here, but today i am feeling rather directionless.

don't get me wrong, there are a million things to do. the laundry calls, and even though i cleaned the house from top to bottom earlier in the week, clean doesn't last around here.

last night i took a little break and went to the bookstore by myself. i saw this book which i immediately wanted for the title alone. i should have purchased it, but instead i bought another sewing book with 101 projects. because, you know, i'm weird like that.
i justified it by telling myself that 2 out of 3 teacher gifts are done, and that last one needs to be completed asap. which then reminds me of the impending summer break which i am thrilled about for what it will mean for our mornings. but also a little scared about what it will mean each day around five o'clock when i am calling glen and wondering how soon he can be home. for the record, the time he gets home never really changes, but somehow i feel the need to call him around this time just to confirm.

i think i should make another pot of coffee and get moving. what helps you find direction on these kinds of days?

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Jane said...

I make a list and try to stick with it...and try not to go near the computer. Our mornings have not settled into a routine yet. It usually happens after the fourth of July.