out for summer

we made it through grade one by the skin of our teeth. and if it wasn't for the most amazing teacher ever, we might not have done so well.

i know that teacher's get so many gifts from their students, and so instead of buying them another gift card or bottle of bubble bath, i wanted to make something from the heart. i've been trying to figure out how to do a simple makeup bag and i think i finally figured it out. this one was for camden's teacher.
i thought the apples were appropriate.

camden has also been very lucky to have an EA (educational assistant) assigned to be with him throughout the school day. he has one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. i made each of those lovely ladies a tote bag.

such small gifts, but so much thanks are in my heart for these 3 wonderful people. they've made camden, and me, feel better in some very difficult times.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Those are lovely teacher gifts!

Helen said...

congrats to Camden for completing first grade! The makeup bag & totes turned out so well! I am sure the 3 ladies will love it!

snowy said...

What lovely gifts, Sandy. They'll be delighted with them.
My grandson has a LA too - it makes such a difference to him.
Great news that Camden completed his first grade. x

snowy said...

Sorry, we call them Learning Assistants, hence the LA!!

Norm said...

That's gorgeous Sandy! As a teacher it's so lovely to receive handmade gifts - especially some as beautiful as these. I'm sure they loved them. And well done to Camden too!

a friend to knit with said...

wow. am i ever late to the teachers party! so sorry!

you truly have some mad sewing skills.
cheers to the summer. and cheers to a big second grader!!!

Anonymous said...

Theyaregortgeous and really thoughtful gifts and even better because you made them.