my turn a square

i started this hat for glen last year. it was supposed to be tucked into his stocking at christmas time, but it didn't quite make it. i had completely forgotten about it (or just lost interest in it, maybe). i am a very bad knitter like that. but i found it this weekend and finished it up lickety split, barbara trick!

it was a really fun project, too. i was completely inspired to make it by melana, who is my knitting hero. just look at her version! i was hoping for a little more of a neutral stripe in mine, but c'est la vie. i do have enough to knit another one, but with my knitter's add, it is not likely to happen this year.

the pattern is jared flood's turn a square. the pattern is available for free here. and his completely awesome blog is here.

camden was my model....

my only disappointment with this knit was that my attempt at a jogless stripe failed. if there is not a youtube video showing me how to execute these kinds of things, i am in trouble.
i am so happy that fall is here. and i can't wait to cast on for the next project!

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Jane said...

This hat has been in my queue for ages and last night one of my boys asked for some new knitted. Looks like it's time to tackle this pattern.