i've been away from this space for a very long time. it wasn't intended, but much needed. being home with the boys this summer has been so good, and it really drew in all of my energy and attention.

very little was sewn or crafted. nothing at all was knitted.

family, friends and my home have really been all it's been about this summer. and i've often left the camera behind in order to enjoy it more fully. if that makes any sense. not that taking pictures should interfere, i know, but sometimes juggling too many things in my life becomes overwhelming to me.
i admittedly am not the best kind friend when it comes to keeping in touch. so i guess i am no different when it comes to blogging either. hopefully, the new season will change that a bit.
so, hello from over here!!!


Norm said...

Hello! Lovely to see you back and blogging. I'm pleased that you've been away for a GOOD reason though - it sounds like you've had a great Summer.

Kate xxx

julie said...

It's good to read your blog again!
Roll on fall!

a friend to knit with said...

hello, you!