a bittersweet goodbye

lately, i've been feeling a little unsure about my blog. wondering if i really want to continue it or not. and it feels strange to let it sit here, going untouched for months without some kind of explanation or closure.
this blog was always a place where i could document & share recipes, sewing projects and mostly just family life. but things seem to be shifting. i am still sewing, but i find it difficult to write about new pillows. again. and i've started some knitting projects for fall, yet i have little new to say about them. basically, documenting my life is starting to feel like a chore. and that makes it no fun right now.
i am very thankful for anyone and everyone who has ever left me a comment, or visited here quietly. i did do this for myself, but i was glad to share with others and appreciate you all. and in order to avoid disappointing anyone who is waiting my next post, i thought i should bow out now. i am not too sure if it is permanent or not. but for the moment i really feel like i need to move on.
i'm focusing on a new beginning in my career. a new phase of working with camden and battling with his autism. and of course, just enjoying my boys (all 3 of them) each and every day.
i wish you all the very best and just want to say....thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Norm said...

Ah Sandy, I'm sorry to read this. But a blog needs to be something that you enjoy, not a chore, so I completely understand if you feel like taking a break. Who knows, I'm sure you'll come back to it some day!

Jane said...

I will miss you Sandy as I think you and I share many, many things, But, I totally understand where you are in your life. Enjoy your family. That's the most important thing in life!

LR said...

I totally understand!
I will miss hearing your news & seeing your fabu pictures & projects, but it's good to take a break when you feel like it.
Love you,
Lisa xoxo

Lap Dog Knits said...

I just found you and you're leaving...best of everything to you in the future, check out the blog "Little Cotton Rabbits". she is a mom with a "special boy" I think you may find very interesting. Her life with autism and raising her son.

Blessings to you!!!

purlgirl said...

Sending you all the best...

sheepish one said...

I'll miss your posts, but I understand. My own blog is in the same sorry state, but when having an inactive blog makes you feel guilty, it's better to just let it go! Enjoy your boys and write when you want to.