20 things i do when life gets crazy

in no particular order:

1. listen to music

2. take a bubble bath (with lavender oil)

3. let the boys sleep in my bed with me....all night

4. make an on-line purchase i've thought long and hard over
5. try not to worry about why my stove is on the ground like this:

6. call my sisters

7. take the boys out for ice cream

8. read this blog and dream about life on the ranch

9. look through my favorite cookbooks

10. paint my nails

11. daydream

12. watch a diners, drive in's and dives marathon

13. tackle one household chore at a time, no matter how daunting it may seem

14. mentally plan a new garden in the backyard

15. make nigella's guiness gingerbread

16. drink very strong cups of tea

17. play connect 4 with jamie

18. sleep in

19. eat meals like this:

20. slow things down and enjoy every moment i can

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