current loves

i love that my boys are still taking bubble baths together, and laugh hysterically almost the whole time.

i love that my dad is able to pick up my boys from the bus stop and my mom has started writing little notes on the snacks she sends over for them....and jamie loves them so much he's started a collection of them on the back of his chair.
i love mint candy apple nail polish from essie. i love that when my dad tried to reinforce my rule of no video games on school nights, camden told him that he's my dad and he should make the rules. even better was that he told grandpa that he should ground me because i am the daughter.

i love my new bike.

i love that glen drove me over 2 hours away to buy it. and i love that i love him even more now than i did when i was 15 years old.


At Anna's kitchen table said...

Oh my gosh, you're going to make me cry!
What a lovely, heartfelt post!
(I especially love the little sticky messages, how sweet!)

Oh. Did you get grounded? ;-)) I'm sure my Dad would love to do that to me sometimes...

Jane said...

Hi Sandy! Great post and great bike!! So wish I had one like that!