makeup is my medium

in high school i used to paint. admittedly, i was not that good, but i loved painting with oils on canvas. in university, it became fabrics, patternmaking paper and gouache. and now in my day to day job, i get to use illustrator and work with fabrics, lab dips and whatever else lands on my desk. there is not a lot of time to make stuff at home lately, and i am ok with that for the moment. i know these things come in phases with me, and one day i will have more time again.

a new medium has taken the place of that sewing, drawing and painting. makeup and nail polish seem to be fulfilling that creative streak in me. picking out what eyeshadow and blush to wear is kind of like picking which oil paint to use on that canvas.

my makeup collection has grown quite a bit in the last year, and in the evenings when i collapse into bed i find myself watching makeup videos on youtube (addictive, once you find the people you really like to watch). and so i thought i would share with you some of my absolute favorites for the warmer weather.....my summer must-haves

ok, this dior highlight was a huge splurge for me. but i would gladly brown bag it for a month in order to buy this, it is stunning as a cheek highlight without being a disco ball. it's called amber lights. the smashbox am/pm blush is also gorgeous anytime.

benefit's new cheek tint, cha cha tint looks a little scary bright out of the bottle, but adds the perfect glowy and natural coral blush to cheeks and lips.

cream shadows are a huge favorite of mine, especially if i want my makeup to last all day at work, and into the evening. plus, in the summertime, they are fast and beautiful. my faves are benefit busy signal (the brown), birthday suit (the shimmery beige), and makeup forever in this neutral steel grey colour (can't tell what the shade # is on the bottom)

essie's van d'go and chinchilly are on heavy rotation with me.

i didn't photograph them, but essie's topless & barefoot is also the perfect beige nude,

and OPI's i'll take the the cake is the perfect pink nude

i would love it if you shared your favorites with me too. please leave a comment.


At Anna's kitchen table said...

Hi Sandy! Xxx
I enjoyed going through your make-up with you. It's always nice being a bit nosey.
I still like doing my dark eyes-nude lips. Bobbi Brown is great for that look!
I've had a problem with my foundations being too light because I seem to have a permanent tan from having to go to Cyprus so often! I've got one darker Clarins foundation which I'm using.

Helen said...

i love this post! my new fun makeup purchase is a shimmer blush from Bobbi Brown. I am also obsessed with Essie's Chinchilly!