my agenda

i have a strong feeling that a blog post devoted to what agenda I use is kind of lame...but i can't help myself.  i am a list maker, a post it note freak, and a lover of journals and agendas.  i love my technology, but i love a piece of paper and a nice pen even more. 

a couple of months ago i found this agenda to help me organize my life and i love it.

it is pretty standard as agenda's or day planners go, but i really loved this family version which has perforated sheets at the back to make lists. 
I got it at gallery leather.com and would reorder next year too. It's keeping my insane life somewhat more organized. Happy new year everyone!


Jane said...

Happy New Year Sandy! May 2012 bring you great things!

At Anna's kitchen table said...

Happy New Year dear Sandy!