is it possible to be completely inspired by a store?  i have been a bit of a sponge lately, soaking up inspiration on instagram, my favorite blogs, my old friend flickr, but a store?  yes, i think so.
i was in nyc last week researching and shopping kids clothing for the day job (i design boys clothing), and found myself circling bonpoint in amazement.  the clothes were beautiful, but it was the interior design that really hit me.  i am now dreaming of fairy lights, minimal clutter (always dreaming about that!) and neutral grey walls. sigh.

i was so struck by the decor that i failed to take one photo, but i have found these online.
gorgeous, no?  oh, so french.
and since repainting the main areas of most of my home was in order, and i found the perfect inspiration, i think the redecorating shall begin.  stay tuned......

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