mid summer goodness

i've been away much longer than intended.  not even sure why...just busy i guess.  mostly because of these two:
I've been home this week and just enjoying their company.  we made playdoh, spent hours and hours on waterslides, suffered with no a/c all week, and spent time with cousins.  super simple stuff, but so good!
the end of vacation is hard.  i don't want to go back at all.  we have one more day (thank you, long weekend) and i am not sure what we will do yet.  i am hoping to sew new pillows for a somewhat new couch.  and i am hoping to be in this little space of mine more often.  i've missed it.

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Jane said...

Hi Sandy! Your boys are getting big! Hope you are having a wonderful summer with them. My guys are not looking forward to going back. I can't believe I'm going to have two in High School! Hope to see you back on the blogs after school starts. We miss you!