fall felt wreath

i really love fall.  not uncommon, i know.......especially if you love to bake, knit, read and all those good things which are best done nestled cozy on the couch with a window open nearby.  september is my favourite month of the entire year.  it is a fresh start in my eyes, and also entertains both my birthday and anniversary.  all good stuff.

i thought this september called for a little celebration of fall with a new wreath.

the twig wreath cost me about $2.50  and after a little pinterest search of felt flowers i uncovered my stash of gorgeous felt from heather bailey and picked a colour scheme worthy of autumn.

if you are interested in making one, it was super simple and actually a lot faster than i thought.  i made a little paper pattern, sometimes drawing it much bigger for the larger flowers.

then i cut around, like so........

you take the centre of the spiral, and dab a bit of hot glue onto it.  then curl it under nice and tight, then start rolling around, pinching in slightly at the bottom.

i dabbed more glue to the last end to keep it in place.  and also put some around the bottom to keep it all together.

then, with the hot glue gun i started randomly placing them on the wreath.

i am not a big lover of ribbons, so i decided to look around to see what i could find in my fabric bins.  i came up with this amy butler fabric which i thought worked perfectly with my colours.  i cut a strip and sewed it for the bow, and the other portion around the wreath was just zig zag stitched along the ends.

super easy project, and also pretty inexpensive if you have some of the supplies already.  happy fall!

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beki said...

Cute, cute! I've had a fall (or any season) wreath on my agenga FOREVER. This one, I think I could manage...and I think I have everything I need at home. Thanks!