super busy

i started blogging a long time ago in order to stop and savour the small moments.  mostly the really tasty food moments that were shared with my foodie friends on-line.  it morphed into a more personal space for sharing corners of my home, sewing projects, my feeble attempts at knitting, mothering- with dabs of dealing with autism, and just my life in general.
lately, i've found myself cooking less (thanks to that pesky full time career that i always dreamed about), sewing a little less, and always feeling busy.  not just busy, but super busy.  yes, i am one of those annoying women that can't even say busy anymore, i am super busy because busy just doesn't cut it these days (it is gag worthy, i know).
in an attempt to boycott this super busy feeling, i have been taking longer moments to sit.  longer moments to pick up a book, enjoy a cup of coffee slowly in a real cup and savour my dinner (no more rushing to fill the dishwasher with my last bite still being chewed).  i turned 38 this year, and i felt worried that if i didn't stop right this second and slow down that the rest of my life would be filled with super busy- no thank you!

in celebration of all the beautiful things i have in my life, and the not so beautiful things too, i have taken steps to slow it all down.  i've decided to pick up my camera more.  i've decided to not feel guilty about some of the things i can't be at school for.  i've decided to accept that some days are yuckier than others.  and i have decided to start documenting more of my moments again. 
i discovered this lady, and her course project life which i am LOVING! it causes me to slow things down and enjoy.
i am trying to not feel guilty about my sporadic blogging either.   it has become such a business for so many, that i started questioning why i was even doing it.  but maybe documenting my moments and thoughts on this blog is a hobby.  a beautiful post here, made me realize that.  and part of this one, too.
i sometimes forget about the enjoyment i get from the other inspiring women whose blogs i enjoy.  i may not be the most regular visitor to them, but they continue to inspire me and make me feel like my crazy life is just normal. 

i am updating my favorite places to visit in the sidebar to reflect some of the blogs that truly inspire and refuel me~ i hope you will find goodness there as well.

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