project life

when i was in my twenties, i tried my hand at scrapbooking but it never really stuck with me.  i tried again after camden was born but again, it just didn't last....i didn't like the finickiness of it all.  the huge amount of supplies, stickers, papers, etc.  i loved the look of others' layouts, but i just didn't like the work or time involved.
i've taken art in school ever since i can remember and my job is heavily creative as well.  any spare "creative" time i have now is really spent on little projects that come easy to me....usually sewing and knitting.  i've always had sketchbooks too, and they seem to fill my creative headspace enough.  
but lately, i have been feeling like i was missing good family documentation (other than my computers hard drive which holds thousands of pictures & memories).  i was tired of only seeing those moments on a screen but with a full time job, the occasional travelling for work, and the general business of life, i wasn't sure i was ready to take on organizing all the memories.  also, a regular photo album didn't seen right to me.
and then i discovered this wonderful system on heather bailey's blog which immediately caught my eye....
it's called project life and it is kind of like the busy woman's answer to documenting your photos, your life, informal or formal events, in a really beautiful way.  you can add notes, as little or as much flourishing as you like and it just looks so much prettier to me than a plain old photo album.

no crazy supplies needed.  just the album, plastic inserts and the cards which fit in perfectly.  i love it! 

 i spent a whole weekend recently tackling a part of 2007.  I printed a huge stack of my favourite photos and started.  Seeing some of those moments when the boys were so little made me so happy.  and the boys loved it too. i am so glad i found this system.

i also really love that it can be used to document the simplest parts of our lives.  the little moments between the busiest are sometimes the nicest ones to cherish.  almost like blogging.  and i love these pretty cards i got which remind of the important things....

i know i have many years to really catch up on our lives, but i am not rushing it.  i plan on having one album for every year of our family life...eventually.  

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